Nobody wants to hear what I have to say! Right?

January 29, 2021

This is something that I used to tell myself on the regular, and I mean almost daily.

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An Aussie country girl at heart on a mission to help visionary women like you to create a life of freedom, abundance and joy by taking your business and lifestyle to the next level!.


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This is something that I used to tell myself on the regular, and I mean almost daily. And sometimes, I still catch myself with those bloody negative nancy thoughts that just won’t stop!  

I would make every excuse under the sun for not writing that blog, posting that post, recording that podcast. I would worry about what she’s going to think of me? What if I don’t say the right thing? There’s enough people talking about this, nobody actually cares! And you know what? Some people will not care at all and I have come to realise that it’s sooo fine! Everyone is at a different place in their life at different times and right now, those people just are not my people. OR they just don’t need this message right now, and they may never need to hear it. 

So what makes me go ahead and push through all of the excuses and niggling feelings of fear? It’s the understanding that very likely, there is one person who needs to hear this exact message today and maybe it will help them feel something that they needed to feel. Whether that’s hope, joy, motivation, strength, direction. You get the picture…. 

Even if NOBODY engages with what’s been said at the time, it doesn’t mean that an impact hasn’t been made. Actually more often than not, the person who has impacted the most, is the person who didn’t like, comment or engage with me at all.

The most special experiences have been when i’ve bumped into someone by chance, or received an unexpected phone call MONTHS after sharing something and they’ve said, “Hey, I heard you talking about that thing, Can you tell me your experience and let me know how I can get the same results?, I’m really stuck!”

It’s in those moments that I know that the impact I had on that ONE person was sooo worth the niggling fear and judgement that I think I may feel/receive. So what am I trying to tell you? Don’t ever underestimate the power and impact of talking about your experience and using your voice. Because to someone, what you are saying really matters!

I'm Amy, your number one fan.

I've known first hand how often we get in our own way with the thoughts and beliefs we can't seem to shake, the ones that keep us playing small. I can't wait to show you how to wave them goodbye once and for all.

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