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business Coach, MONEY MENTOR, Podcast Host,
Wife and Mother.

An Aussie country girl on a mission to help female service based business owners (like you) to plug your money leaks and scale your income online!

 I'm Amy! 

It all started in 2016 when my husband sustained a brain injury that forced the end of his corporate career. At the very same time I was due to have our second baby which meant we had no income. I was working for a global retailer in events travelling around Australia organising charity fun runs that raised millions of dollars for children’s healthcare. As incredible as that was, I was ready to settle and be around more for my kids.

I have always been a problem solver and decided to create a local Corporate Event Management business so that I could work from home the majority of the time. From the outside peering in, it looked as though I was killing it! I secured all of the top events quickly and had a team helping me, but to me it felt like the complete opposite. I was working around the clock, overwhelmed, exhausted and had no idea if I was making a profit. Money was coming in but so much money was going out. I kept waking in the middle of the night worrying where my next client was coming from and berating myself for not knowing how to successfully run my business AND be the present parent I desperately wanted to be.

They say when you hit rock bottom an angel appears to help and that's exactly what happened to me! I came across a podcast that instantly changed my life forever.

I learnt that whatever you hold on the screen of your mind will manifest and I knew that  I needed to make some big shifts! This is where my professional development journey began! I have spent well over 100k and 1000's of hours investing in my knowledge and mindset.

Studies Include - 
- The Institute of Integrative Nutrition
- Fernwood & Deakin University Empower Program
- Marie Forleo Business School,
- I Heart Coaching & Mastermind with Emily Williams
- Profit First Professional Australia (currently studying)

I am now making a big impact helping women all over Australia have create business success they dream of without sacrificing their lifestyle.

I have created a unique formula to help female founders to plug their money leaks and scale their income online. I believe that good people with money do great things for for themselves, their families and they people they serve so let's do this!! 


Straight talk, budgeting and investing, long phone calls, manifesting through action and cutting out the 'meh' to make room for the very best.


The word can't, endless washing, short emails, sushi or salmon.


Drinking coffee with friends, with a child in tow, taking an exercise class, making dinner, walking our dog Frankie, dreaming up what I want to do next.

daily rituals

Morning meditation, exercise class currently reformer pilates, cuddles with my children, barista made coffee (thanks Jay) Vegemite & avo toast, and skincare by Botanicals by Luxe.

I thought the only way I could make decent money was to work harder but I was already at my limit. 





American Idol auditions

Rosé or Sparkling

Profit First

A Bali Holiday



TSwift: Folklore album

My Favourite Things

A cheeky catch up with my girlfriends! They always fill me with energy and make me laugh until I start crying.

my happy place!

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The Murray River! We holiday here every year and I LOVE to wakeboard and have fun with my family on the biscuit.

My Family! It's busy in our household with our three girls Lily, Annie & Leni but I wouldn't change a thing. Jay and I keep reminding ourselves that we've got this haha!

My Favourite Things

Our border collie Frankie.
Enough said!

my guilty pleasure

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Ice cream. Especially from Augustus in Geelong. YUM!!!!!! 

Travelling to new places. Our favourite family holiday was definitely our 3 week trip to Sri Lanka. We spent time at the beach, climbing up mountains and roaming the bustling cities.

This      That











night owl

no topsheet




Where I stand on the super important stuff... Agree / disagree? 

"Nobody succeeds beyond their wildest expectations without first having some wild expectations" 
- ralph carroll

it's true:

let's work together

 There has never been a better time to claim what you want, let go of what's holding you back and get the support you need to move full speed ahead towards your HELL YES visions. I am so here for you, I believe in you. THIS IS YOUR TIME!

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