How To ACTUALLY Reach Your Big Vision Business Goals.

May 13, 2021

You are already ahead of most people just by having a desire to achieve your goals in life.

you can have a next level business & lifestyle.
you deserve to make money and do cool things.
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An Aussie country girl at heart on a mission to help visionary women like you to create a life of freedom, abundance and joy by taking your business and lifestyle to the next level!.


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It's time to be happier, healthier and wealthier than ever before!

You’re already ahead of most people just by having a desire to achieve your goals in life.

Having goals is the first step. 

In an attempt to help you reach your goals, I invited The QUEEN of accountability and goal setting Susan Brennan to The Choice with Amy Bett Podcast to share her wisdom on how to actually tangibly reach your big goals.

Business Coach
Susan Brennan – Accountability Coach speaks on The Choice Podcast.

The episode covers how to put your goals into action, breaking them into teeny tiny baby steps, building momentum, being accountable and having the right mindset throughout the process of achieving your life goals.

The episode begins with Susan’s journey of becoming her own boss. She then shares loads of insights and smart hacks about familiarising new challenges, and how one gets stuck in the process of resisting. We learn how to break down the big mountain challenges into tiny achievable tasks, how to recognise what we truly resist and how we can overcome them.

Susan’s favourite part of her role is when she witnesses her clients having the ‘’AHAA’’ moment. The moment that their path forward becomes clear and the overwhelm just melts away.

Breaking your big vision goals into tiny tiny steps will help us achieve them faster, but holding accountability and motivation is usually the biggest challenge we all face, for which Susan suggests a reward or consequence method. On this amazing Episode you are getting access to THE BEST of the best knowledge and advice when it comes to Goal Setting and Accountability FOR FREE today, You can listen HERE!

I'm Amy, your number one fan.

I've known first hand how often we get in our own way with the thoughts and beliefs we can't seem to shake, the ones that keep us playing small. I can't wait to show you how to wave them goodbye once and for all.

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