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January 21, 2021

This one is for my Biz Mamma’s. I know you because I am you!

you can have a next level business & lifestyle.
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I'm amy!

An Aussie country girl at heart on a mission to help visionary women like you to create a life of freedom, abundance and joy by taking your business and lifestyle to the next level!.


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This one is for my Biz Mamma’s. I know you because I am you! I know the demands that are upon you every single day, honestly the list is never ending. Balancing the kids and their activities, home duties, time with friends, time with your partner nurturing your relationship (you may wonder if anyone has sex anymore?) some kind of self care AND your business!

When you actually write it out like this, even the mere thought that we can keep all the balls in the air seems INSANE, and more often than not the shit hits the fan! You find yourself constantly apologising all of the time for being late, unprepared, exhausted, overwhelmed and sometimes ALL OF THE ABOVE. 

It seems hopeless hey? For a while there I thought I was doomed! But then I listened to my coach James Williams explain the concept of radiating energy rather than giving energy and my mind was absolutely blown. 

When you RADIATE energy, you finish the conversation/meeting/catch up feeling just as energised and magnetic as when you arrived. When you GIVE energy you feel depleted and tired. Think about a meeting or a catch up where you gave your absolute all and by the end, you just needed to go home and have a sleep. What if it doesn’t have to be this way? 

I’m so excited to tell you that it doesn’t, but it does take a little mindset shift and commitment from your end. I promise you, it’s not only worth it but it’s life changing!

So what do you need to do? It is simple. 

Put yourself as your number ONE priority and fill up your cup FIRST. 

This means prioritising;
 – Movement
– Quiet time to reflect and meditate
– Nourishing meals
– A spa date (or at home spa date) 
– A good laugh with a girlfriend. 
– The things that light you up
– Fresh flowers/light a candle 
– A brilliant book 
– Book in a cleaner (you deserve it!!)

Fill up your cup SO MUCH that you’re only radiating the overspill of your energy. And before you say that you feel selfish even thinking about this, just take a second to imagine how much more you could give everyone around you when you are serving from this nourished version of yourself. More by the bucket load, I am telling you! 

So just because I know that I will hear some objections about not having the time or money to invest in yourself… 

Take out your calendar and instead of saying I don’t have time. Ask yourself – ok but what CAN I do? Where can this fit in and actually make it happen? 

And the $$$? Even though I think you deserve to spend money on yourself, everyone has a different budget so honestly try getting creative and make it fun. 

A run with a girlfriend, flowers from your garden, a hot bath with a good book (and a glass of wine) I bet you are already feeling relaxed just reading this list. 

I would love you to post your self care photos on instagram, tag me @amybett_ and #mefirst to inspire women that not only is it OK to put you first it’s a NON NEGOTIABLE. 

I'm Amy, your number one fan.

I've known first hand how often we get in our own way with the thoughts and beliefs we can't seem to shake, the ones that keep us playing small. I can't wait to show you how to wave them goodbye once and for all.

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